On the road

I love being on the road.

Don’t ask why I didn’t apply to be a flight attendant, because I did. But I’m glad I wasn’t picked for it because flying in the air is nothing like being on the road. Not that I’m on the road that much anyway (Yes I like using “on the road” quite literally).

This story is already getting boring. Anyways.

I don’t suffer from car sickness or motion sickness (actually scratch that, I threw up after a choppy seaplane ride once upon a time).
I  love watching the world whizz by. Especially on a Malaysian highway. Makes me miss my childhood with my dad’s Beatles cassette tape playing on loop and me looking forward to the hotel stay (I had fun giving my feedback at the end of each stay).

Before I had my driver’s license, I basically spent time wondering when and what the next meal was, while reading or sleeping (I can fall asleep under most circumstances). Then when I could drive, I loved the feeling of being behind the steering wheel and the exhilaration from  acceleration (floored my ex-bf’s rented Volvo once, very addictive).

I think I’d love to go on a road trip. Australia or NZ sounds good. At this moment, allow me  to lament on my paycheck. It’s going to be a long time before I can afford to take off without worrying about money. Maybe  I’ll do a working holiday stint before I get overaged. Maybe.


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