I’m obsessed about nothing because I live my life in moderation. I like to sound clever by being cryptic. I don’t like it when my toilet smells like cat pee. I have irritable bowel syndrome from time to time. I am a classic loner. I am a coward because I avoid commitment. I want to play the er hu. I want to travel but I splurge on senseless things like spa treatments. I’m always conflicted because I “overthink” things. I always contradict myself because my mind and my actions don’t always agree with each other (left brain, right brain at war). I miss my family and I feel guilty for not calling more often. I always fail my own standards. Therefore I always think I’m lazy, because I let too many things slide.

Above all, I am feeling ridiculous now because, honestly, WHO THE BLOODY HELL CARES???

There. I feel so much better after my silent rant.


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