So here’s the thing. I’ve been watching a lot of BBC Lifestyle and Food Network Asia (courtesy of YP my landlady/friend/ex-boss who subscribed only the food/lifestyle channels – that I watch – and the Cantonese/Chinese channels – that I don’t really fancy). Come Dine with Me is hilarious, the guy from (Food)ography has a funny accent and Giada at Home always makes me reconsider about becoming a stay-at-home domestic Goddess and creating my dream kitchen. Ha!

At the mo, feeling really inspired. I have an upcoming trip to Melbourne planned – albeit during the winter – I LOVE cold weather! And I’ll be staying with my larger-than-life old friend, Keith (who also shares my love for travelling and good grub) while doing touristy stuff with some other friends who will be there as well.

So I am setting up a little project for myself to practise my travel-writer skills so am gonna do like a Melbourne travel review (or whatever you’d like to call it) from that trip. Am excited to share my experience when the time comes!

In the meantime, I am also feeling very blessed to know friends that love to cook – Nell and Dan for example. It seems like I’m going to miss the baking session this coming Friday, bleah, but supper is in the works. Talking about food always makes us excited. Haha.


The heat is making me drowsy and lazy, but I’m going to fight it with cold showers, air conditioning and staying indoors as much as possible. Hahaha.


I always think about writing on random topics, but I’d hafta find a way to pen in my ideas so they stick around till I get to the keyboard, because I always have ideas running around in my head while I’m out and about but when I finally settle down to write, they all fly out of my head. Ack.

Chin up and moving onwards.

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  1. Me have alot of ideas sometimes but hard to capture them . But i think these smart phones nowaday are really very good already at recording ideas. The best is to have a mind recorder. That would be purrfect.

  2. I often have a string of nice ideas coming out, usually during my walk around the neighborhood and its rather irritating cos saving the new findings down is plain difficult. The best , I figured out, would simply be a mind reader, which will automatically save my thoughts as it is focused understanding those new ideas, which involved alot of prefrontal cortex usage. Well, but nowadays, smart phones are really very good already. One of your post mentioned that you are faithful to your phone, so my phone is changed to LG optimus 4x cos my contract is up and I can say these higher end smart phones this days is rocket blasting in terms of its usefulness. But I think most people are not fully utilising these functions. I could not be more grateful for all these things, and even all those little things. Work hard, amelia.

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