First weekend

It’s been about 1 year and 8 months of 6 day work weeks. This is my first weekend off for office hour work schedule (therefore reducing working days at the office to 5). Yes now I’m an OL (office lady) and trying to get used to the morning rush hour and frustrations of organising and updating my wardrobe, which can be fun for some but frustrating for me because I was happy with uniforms for work. Can’t have your cake and eat it I guess.

Starting my 1st week into my new job in corporate office was pretty interesting. Lunch meetings, introductions, blurry visioned from reading too many things to “bring (myself) up to speed” (as is my boss’s favourite thing to say so far) and already working on some pending submissions and beginning of event planning AND experiencing high fever halfway through the week. Yep, a whopping 39.1 degree Celsius. The company doctor gave me a whole range of medication to make sure I recover fast. True enough I was back almost in top form the following day (minus the sore throat).

Went to shop for some wardrobe supplements at Uniqlo and Zara yesterday. I really hate spending money on clothes. Then I stumbled on a sponsored link in Facebook – SG Dress – free local delivery and most of their stuff is under SGD30. Promising so far, shall venture further when Pay Day descends.

The coming week should be interesting as I foresee a potential rise in stress level because Friday is my deadline for several things. Then the weekend should be good because it’s President Elections and Hari Raya all lumped together. I shall be retreating to my parent’s place in Johor Bahru. Can’t stand 4 days of thronging about in overcrowded Singapore.

So there. It’s time for me to get back to working on a report that I’m doing for the first time. Hope lunch will be good today (takeaway roasted duck rice).

Cheerios and out.


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