Saturday night thoughts

For most of today I was feeling a big drifty, my mind was a bit clogged, almost. I think it was the wine yesterday. Just cleared up slightly. But oh it was worth it.

After Halloween weekend, everyone exclaimed how fast this year passed by. “Wow it’s November already? Where did 2011 go?” Indeed, time is slipping through our fingers. We start thinking philosophical thoughts. We think about the fact that life is finite so what are we going to do with our own? We don’t know how long we’d last. For the pragmatic, they say “start planning”. For the realists, we say “carpe diem”.

(2.5hours later)

I’ve seen people do the thing that all our forefathers did – procreate. Have families and all. Yay yippity yoo. Talk about babies at every family meeting and etc. But I also think, if Darwin was right, he probably also might think that in a world today, when we have 7 billion people breathing and taking up space and all, there should be people like me who is against having kids. I’ve talked to some people and everyone seems to think my idea makes sense:

1) Not every couple needs to procreate. (relate to point 3 & 4)
2) Having kids can also mean adopting.
3) Some people shouldn’t have kids (mostly because they are too selfish and want to spend resources on themselves).
4) Some people don’t deserve to have kids (mostly referring to people who don’t teach their kids well or have unplanned kids or pass on unfavourable genes to their kids)

WRT point 3 and 4, I feel sorry for kids who came into existence by accident or into families with undeserving parents. Honestly, parents, if you want to have kids, think about the orphans who need a home first. I mean, look at our MRT trains in the morning. OVERPOPULATION cannot be ignored, yes? And overpopulation with retards makes things a little awkward and 100x worse. And if that’s even possible – worse – we have kids who don’t get good parenting and grow up to become pathetic little scums who drown themselves in self-pity (oh my f*ked up childhood is to blame for all my ill behaviour and that makes everything disgusting I do excusable and melancholic and artistic)… Seriously?

Anyway. We fight never ending wars because the world is full of idiots. We fight anyway. That’s why people like Christopher Hitchens and Julian Assange give me a ray of hope that perhaps common sense and moral ethics might chance a comeback.

I don’t know how Saturday night became so heavy. But I have to say, mortality is precious. Make sure if you have living consciousness to live it, you ensure you live the hell out of it.

I’m a believer of positivity and living in the moment. I hope you are too.

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