Checking in.

To friends and readers who keep a lookout for my posts, sorry for my long absence. There are so many reasons contributing to it, from sloth to distractions (my new Crackberry for work is turning me into a German) to lethargy (resulting from but not exclusive of hangovers) – but I’ll be perfectly honest – it’s mostly because of the lack of inspiration and quiet moments of mental clarity.

About half a year ago, I switched from having 10-14 hour days / 6-day work weeks to my current 9.5 hour days / 5-day work weeks. Despite seemingly having more time to myself, my schedule became more synchronized with the majority of my social networks and so I ended up having not much time to myself instead because the desire to finally having a proper dinner to catch up with friends at restaurants I have always wanted to try instead of making them come to the restaurant I oversaw as the only chance to meet them prompted me to fill my calendar to the brim. I had so much lost time to make up for…

Other appointments started to include spa massages (which I’m quite regular of) and yoga sessions (which I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t keep up with so far). And then in the weekends, I wake up real late on Saturdays, or trip back to JB to my parents’ place. It’s nice to spend time on a lazy weekend with myself or my family, but I hate how routine it sounds;  just talking about it makes everything seem so mundane. Hate it.

So on this Monday evening, I finally decide to put my 80wpm typing speed to some creative output instead of churning out yet another email for work (although I have one drafted to be sent out tomorrow already).  Mental diarrhea of whatever comes to my mind. Yes.

I have to say though, throughout the last quarter of last year until now, I have been so busy but I haven’t found that sense of accomplishment I so seek to fill my ego with. Everything’s always not enough. Maybe it’s because I started yet another transitional period of adjustments in my work (from hotel Front Office operations to Loyalty Marketing). The projects I have been handling so far have yet to get to the stage that allows me to pop that celebratory bottle of Champagne. Looking forward to it!

Having said all that though, I am glad to have found time to reconnect with friends. And I do hope to find that balance of dividing my time and attention between things that matter soon. I kinda get sucked into doing too much of one thing for a period of time until I’m sick of it. More reflections, more intellectual stimulation, more self-awareness and more contribution to mankind. The volunteering, travelling and meeting of minds with other people have got to happen more. I will make sure they do! 🙂

So for now, I’m signing off, and hopefully it won’t be long before you hear from me again. 😉

Cheerios peeps. Szez is back.

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