Effect of being home

It’s only been 4 months plus into 2012 but so much has already happened. I’m not sure what this post is going to be about but sitting here at the desk in my childhood bedroom (where I used to spend hours loathing tuition classes) after a day of accompanying my mother on a visit at my aunt’s, I felt compelled to share my thoughts here – albeit pretty random ones.

In no chronological order:

  • 2 dear friends of mine are getting married in the near future – while I feel glad that they have found mates for life who I actually really approve, this does not convince me the same arrangement will be ideal for myself, no matter how people try to persuade me otherwise. I think I’m old enough to understand what makes me happy.
  • a couple of family feuds have bubbled up from undercurrents – one I am not quite affected by, the other one I feel I should take a side, and wholeheartedly. The latter makes me want to celebrate Mother’s Day in a much bigger way that we did last week.
  • I went on a trip that didn’t exactly impress me but at least let my family go on a vacation together after a very long time. I did, however, get to see W Taipei and document it well enough for research.
  • A few events made me almost want to write a slightly reluctantly anti-feminist post about repressed feminity, but I didn’t because I lack the discipline to complete a long and heavy discussion. I prefer to just write my thoughts exactly as my mind works, that are namely, speckled and disorganised. (Maybe that needs to change if I still want to publish a work one of these days. Hmm.)
  • a close friend went through an emotionally turbulent episode in her love life and came to me for some reprieve and advice. While I will never empathize with her point of view and rationalization for her course of action, I will nevertheless try to be sympathetic enough to give firm, sobering reminders.
  • I volunteered to contribute more as a volunteer to UN Women. Can’t wait to see the project come to fruition.
  • For the first time I realised I can indeed switch to emotional apathy as a self-defence mechanism in seconds
  • Death, sex, marriage, religion and politics have been discussed extensively among my peers in very intellectually engaging ways, and I’m glad I can still point out individuals who won’t miss the point of a healthy, educational debate instead of taking things personally and having a pin-hole, closed up mind.
  • I feel a little annoyed with lobbyists who obstruct an egalitarian world from being formed by denying the fact that subconscious discrimination does help to make our world more efficient and productive as Darwin’s theory comes into play in matters like recruitment, executive planning and exploiting business acumen in people, instead of focusing on minding people’s feelings getting hurt.
  • My boss gave me not one, but two pep talks about my career, I hope I don’t disappoint him eventually.
  • Christopher Hitchen’s “God is not Great” and the Hunger Games series are perhaps the best reads so far
  • At work, I am enjoying what I do but not obssessed enough to kill my social life. Neither do I feel unengaged enough to feel like a haplessly trapped animal searching for escape, displayed in some. And I’m glad.
  • More eye candies have appeared in my realm and that’s always a good thing.
  • A quote that’s growing on me is “What people think of you is none of your business”!

That’s all. 🙂


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