The end (of the year) is near.

Memorable things that people have said to me this year so far…

“the reality is…(insert something discouraging)”

“have you lost weight?” (probably not)

“have you put on weight?” (probably)

“are your eyelashes real?” (yes, at the time this question was asked)

“would you mind if I… (something that knotted my insides…in a good way)?”

“are you sure you don’t want kids?” (yes I’m sure)

“I hope you said that in a nicer way…” (no I didn’t)

“can you give a speech at my wedding?” (I said yes)


“this is SO GOOD!” (referring to my food)

“ugh this is too strong!” (referring to my martinis)

“I do not like the way you… (insert accusation)”

“I didn’t know you write!”

“to 20 years of friendship!”

“you’re still the same!”

…couple more months to go till end of the year proper.
…I’ll write a better piece then.

Good night world.

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