Please let 2013 come

We’re less than 40 days to the end of the year; to be totally accurate i still have 34 days left of 2012. I’d like to first say how totally fast this year past by everyone. I’m pretty sure a few things have happened that I’d like to not forget, but I’m also sure that some people will find the same things very forgettable. 

Should I categorize my nostalgic recap of the days of 2012? Will it make this post easier to read? I suppose classifying my memories into “work”, “relationships”, “family”, “friends” etc will immediately draw the right kind of people to focus on the right paragraphs, but this would be so boring, so factual. 

I think I’ll stick to my original focus of writing here, which is, to be totally honest and frank. So here it goes…

The first thing that comes to mind when I think back on this year would be the number of times people expressed their surprise that I’m still single. This is at once both amusing and boring. Amusing because they will start trying to match make me to someone they know, boring because once again I’ll have to explain again why it doesn’t bother me that much because I don’t plan to get married, nor have kids. 

To the first group: by all means bring a friend along to some dinner we’re all at, but don’t tell me beforehand this is the guy you want me to meet, please. Once the agenda behind the meeting is set, I won’t be able to be myself and I will judge the person a bit more harshly than I otherwise would, because usually, when a friend says “oh you should meet my friend (insert name)” he or she usually continues to paint a wonderful picture of the person and that raises my expectations. I haven’t actually gone on a blind date as yet, precisely because of this reason. So there. I’ve said it. Don’t tell me. 

To the second group, apart from my parents, do I really have to convince you I know what I’m doing when I say I’ve decided how I want to live my life? Only a handful of people I talk to understand and agree with my decision to stay childless. If you don’t agree, that’s fine too, because hey, if all women are like me, we’ll slowly inch towards the end of the human race. So go on, my sisters & brothers of the world, make more babies and educate them well. 

But seriously, I think I’m still single because of mainly 2 reasons – I don’t know what men want (I suspect, more cleavage and legs, less brain and challenge?) and also, I don’t know what I want. But I do know what I don’t want, and I think my friends all know the answer to this. 

The second type of things that I think of are all the big events that happened or are going to happen, related to me or otherwise:

  1. The death of my cousin who suffered from cancer (which still brings me down to a sobbing state at times) – the image of her corpse in the coffin will forever be seared into my memory because of the way my mom said it doesn’t look like my cousin anymore. It’s devastating to know that the person you love is there but not there at the same time. I really look forward to what comes after dying, if there is any of it at all. I’d love to compare notes with the fellow dead on how it was for them. Do you feel your soul lift from your body? Will you even have consciousness? Do you just stay stuck in a dream-like state forever? Can you continue to observe the living? I guess it will come to that eventually. 
  2. the London Olympics – I only watched the opening ceremony – which I found too draggy, and some of the diving and synchronized swimming events – which are pretty fun to watch. I guess it will be quite cool to visit an Olympic-hosting city some day.
  3. the US presidential elections – first time I’ve actually gotten interested to follow some of the news… and I’m so glad Obama won.
  4. my best friend’s wedding at which I made a pretty subdued speech.. this was a wedding that’s been a long time coming, and I’m glad they finally tied the knot. Looking forward to meeting some really interesting kids. 
  5. the Mayan prediction that 21 December 2012 is Doomsday – shall wait and see what happens… if the world really ends on that day, I’ll not make it to my holiday in Hanoi. So I really hope nothing happens. 

This year I’ve also gotten addicted to social media and mobile devices. My crackberry and Android phone are almost never beyond an arm’s reach from me. Without them I feel disconnected, but I need to try and steer away from expecting everyone to be as attached to my devices as I am, because it leads to some misunderstanding. 

I’m still compiling my wishlist for 2013. Mayans please be wrong so I can post them after 31 December 2012! 


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