Monday pre-Chinese New year reflection

Do you sometimes fret that your goals are too small, your purpose too minute in the grand scheme of things? I want to do more but I feel like I’m plagued by the lack of financial freedom and courage. Plus for some reason I have been feeling lethargic everyday. I do hope with the dental splint, my bruxism will not be too much of a bother for my teeth anymore, since I already experience jaw issues and hairline cracks in a few teeth. My knee pain will always be there but I hope my supplements and avoidance of extreme sports will help :p I’m feel myself getting old, yes.

Signed up for yoga too, hope to get my energy back. (Note to self, gotta get swimming goggles since mine broke)

This year I need to be better to myself and plan ahead, save more money. No more splurging! (after Tippling Club’s S$250 dinner, I think I got a minor shockwave to my wallet)

Although, catching up with friends over drinks / food is still one of the things I need because I value friendship. I may look like I drink too much and forget stuff I say or people say (which is true) but I base my memories on which restaurant/bar or what wine/cocktail/coffee was enjoyed to recall out what occasions they were. Mostly.

According to my Chinese Horoscope, this year is supposed to be good for my career and love life. Let’s hope that’s true 🙂 Or if not, I’ll “be the change I want to be”… No matter what, this year has got to be a good year, after a fledgling 2012 mostly seeing myself being batted around by disappointments…

Chin up and onwards!

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