A little update while I’m at home in Johor Bahru again…

Yesterday I finally went for my LASIK at the Singlasik centre at Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC). My doctor (Dr Eugene Tay) met me for the 2nd time since our consultation couple of weeks ago… I only did the operation on my right eye which had myopia and the left eye was left untouched because it only had slight astigmatism and there’s also a scar on my cornea that made it unsuitable for the operation.

So after being dressed for the procedure, I was taken to a laser machine that sucked on my eyeball and created a flap on my cornea. Dr Tay used this neat little plastic device to help keep my eye open. I tried to blink. But of course I couldn’t. I was asked to concentrate on this green light while the machine was lowered onto my eye, Then it sucked on my eyeball and the lasering started… Didn’t feel much but a light sensation of something on my eye.. It wasn’t painful at all but just a little uncomfortable because I couldn’t blink. Heh.

Had to wait for a while before machine number 2 was available as the clinic was real busy with patients lining up to get this done… There were 2 other guys and 2 other ladies in the same time period of about an hour while I was there, also getting their LASIK done. I had to wait about say, 15-20 mins before moving onto the next stage.

So after machine number 1 was over it’s time for machine number 2…Before we started, my eyelashes were pasted away from my eyes with tape and the same device was used to keep my eye open.

This was a little scary because the flap was lifted and the machine did the laser thing on my eye directly (don’t remember doctor saying that it’s sucking on my eyeball). I was told to look at the green light and it went from a spot to a fuzzy area to grey and slowly back to a spot again. My eye was quite sensitive so I think I was tearing a lot… But it was over before I knew it and the machine was moved away while Dr Tay replaced the flap (I think) and dripped some antibiotic solution before placing a protective contact lens for me to wear overnight until the follow up appointment this morning. Dr Tay actually used something to spread whatever it was (my cornea or the contact lens? I think it was my cornea) evenly back on my eye. Lol. It was a weirdly intimate moment of having someone tending to my eyeball. Just saying.

The post operation part was pretty straightforward… The nurse explained that I had to use 2 types of eye drops every 2 hours – 1 is an antibiotic and the other one is a steroid. She also gave me a box of moisturising eye drops that I can use whenever there is dryness or discomfort. She also said I can take Panadol if there was any pain. But I didn’t feel pain after that, just some discomfort as I”m trying to get used to my new eyesight.

So I actually napped 2 hours before waking up for the eye drops and napped again.. I didn’t want to be awake and blind (I was tearing a lot). I could head downstairs to buy dinner (Hokkien mee, for the record) by evening time.

So. This morning when I went back, Dr Tay removed the contact lens for me and checked my eye again. All seemed well. My vision is pretty good 🙂 Another appointment will be in 4 days’ time, so hope all goes well. I will need to be religiously consistent with my eye drops in the meanwhile.

Yay to no glasses! 😀 I can plan my diving trip now. Hehehe.

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