Thoughts and big ideas

I like keeping in touch. I like sharing ideas and keeping friends. Therefore I’m an addict on social media, as well as mobile messaging apps. You can find me on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Talk, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, and of course Facebook. I use all of them regularly as they allow me to reach out to different people. I use them mostly because people I know are regular on different platforms, therefore being on the same platform with them allows me to keep in touch more easily and regularly. (I have an urge to start a marketing lecture here but I’ll just keep this personal for the time being.)

Today and throughout recent weeks – months, actually, I’ve been having this thought that keeps springing itself up in my head. Building relationships, maintaining relationships, collaborations and uplifting others for no returns, and working for the betterment of people in general really keeps me happy and psyched. It has much to do with the people I’ve met recently.

I’ve attended TEDxCreative Mornings, and also Social Media Week, Business Rocks, Athena Network‘s events, SMU’s Passion Unleashed etc. Thanks to my friend who’s even more socially active and inspiration-seeking than me and who started a private group on Facebook that connects like-minded people, I’ve got access to first-hand introduction to great events, meetings and dinners. I’m very grateful, Ms Claudia Mayer. 🙂

During my first Social Media Week, a few pointers really got stuck in my head. 2 quotes really stood out:

“Collaboration instead of Competition” & “A rising tide floats all boats”.

In today’s interlinked social and professional networks that we are all part of , it’s really, really bad to burn bridges because unless you’re a recluse, it’s also really, really easy to have mutual contacts through different networks. Growing up in Singapore, we used to find it amazing that our university friends and primary school friends knew each other through some other independent social group. And now, I have friends from everywhere that know someone mutual from halfway around the globe. It’s not just the internet. It’s how we become so open to sharing and be transparent about who we are, what we do and who we know. Therefore it really does make sense that we promote our friends’ talents and make them successful, because they might help someone else who may in turn use their strengths to help another person and somewhere down the chain, I may very well really need the expertise and experience of a certain friend of a friend of a friend, etc too.

It’s so much better to be in the company of enriched individuals – professionally, socially, spiritually and not forgetting financially, instead of people who spread their acid negativity and close-mindedness to kill conversations and enthusiasm of people around them. Be open to possibilities, and positive things will happen. That’s my personal life motto at the moment. I will also admit that I consciously stop keeping in touch with people who fall into the negative zone. Life is too short to moan and groan all the time.

One of the new buzzwords that social media celebrities talk about is “Personal Branding”. I have shared this concept with a young friend hoping to define his career recently as well. It’s about how you want the world to perceive you as a person. What are you passionate about? What grinds your gears? What causes do you support? What are you good at? Who do you love? Where have you been? Can you make recommendations for a good service?

If someone around you has an answer to any of these questions about you, it probably means you’re doing pretty well. Social media celebrities are experts at these, and I’ve had the good fortune to meet many of them and learn how they manifest the interpretations around themselves. A common trait among all of them is the authenticity and sincerity they have as people. They really are sociable, hospitable, collaborative and helpful individuals. They work hard at what they do and they want you to do well at what you do. Not surprisingly, many of them are entrepreneurs with social enterprises. I know this sounds a little bit Utopian but let’s not forget the 2 quotes I have above.

I guess what appeals to me about all this is that if everyone has this spirit of being open, sincere and collaborative, humanity as a whole will be better, because we should now connect not by the many sects, clans, traditions, superstitions and anti-something groups that highlight differences between you and me, but by the common urge to change negatives into positives, by the curiosity and courage to break the walls that divide us and them.

It is my hope that somewhere down the road when I’m ready, I’ll be able to contribute in a bigger way. For now, I will continue to enjoy the companionship and camaraderie of valuable people in my life, and keep them close.

If you’re reading this, I would also like to invite you to check out the links in the 3rd paragraph and hopefully I’ll have the pleasure of meeting you in one of these events!

Also, do check out how you can help End7 neglected tropical diseases by 2020

Peace out!


4 thoughts on “Thoughts and big ideas

  1. I believe you are making a positive difference to the world we live in, no matter how small the change is. The believe in you to change the world shows great drive and determination =)

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