Pit Stop

Here’s the thing. I’ve been away for a while because I’ve been distracted. The kind of distraction that pulls me away from my usual routine of nights out with the girls because I met someone who was only here for a while. That’s all I’m going to say about this matter. I always explain my absence and this time it’s not any different. Lah-dee-dah…

Quite a bit has happened in the past (does a quick check) 2 months. I went to watch Rabbit Hole by Pangdemonium which was an emotional, expertly executed production by the Pangs, who never fail to deliver best theater productions in Singapore with a bevy of talented young and experienced cast members, which is why I’m a season ticket holder with them this year. 🙂 You can read all about it on this page

Then I also went to see Lord of the Rings but in concert at the Star Theater. Imagine watching Fellowship of the Ring but with a live orchestra. Yea, it happened. And it was phenomenal. But sometimes I didn’t even notice the live music because I was so absorbed by the moving pictures on the screen. Yet, the music was so paramount in putting more layers of experience. LOTR will not be the same without the music, that’s for sure.

Apart from culturally-enriching experiences, I also very recently bought *gasp* a ukelele on Groupon for SGD28. It looks like a kiwi. And I had to collect it myself from a dodgy part of a dodgy building in a less glamorous part of town. BUT I am glad I got it because thanks to the many helpful YouTube tutorials and websites that show you how to tune your ukelele as well as the chords for most pop songs, I am now kinda comfortable with strumming a few tunes already. It’s been about a week and I can play some songs and even wrote one when I was suddenly inspired by a frustrating event. No, it’s not good enough to be showcased.

But anyway. I also went on a getaway trip to Boracay with the aforementioned individual for a week. And it was a bitch to get there as we did a transit at Manila but it was worth it. Let this picture speak for itself:

Unfiltered image of Boracay. Peeps on paddle boards & swimming in the turquoise water

Image taken in Boracay. Peeps on paddle board & swimming in the turquoise water. Taken on a Samsung Galaxy S2.

Yup. Kinda makes you wonder why you haven’t started booking your flight and hotel to the next holiday, doesn’t it? Sometimes, you just have to (to quote Richard Branson) just “screw it and do it”. And trust me, no matter how it turns out, it’s worth it.

My philosophy on travelling is: you never regret anything because every experience is unique. So just enjoy the moments, even if it doesn’t seem very enjoyable at the time they are happening. And worry about your credit card bills later. Don’t let money rule your life. Let money make things happen for you. Money can be earned back. But time won’t come back after you have lost it. YOLO (you only live once) principle in application here. Totally makes sense to me in this context! 

Anyway. Lots of big news have been happening around the world in the recent months too. Mostly not so good ones, unfortunately. So this morning when I read that Proposition 8 has finally been overruled in California in the USA, it made me smile. And so did this impressive 14 year old boy whose father obviously did a fantastic job of parenting him. While most teenagers struggle awkwardly with the changes they go through mentally and physically, this young man has already come to terms with who he is, and is even unfazed by the media attention that comes along with his public lobbying for gay rights. Hitchens will be proud of his public speaking delivery style. He definitely has a future in politics, social causes or show business.

Sexuality has always been a big topic, and we need to be able to talk about it as comfortably as Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) and his interviewer Josh Zepps on Huff Post Live, in this awesome 30mins clip where Russell impresses with his depth of world knowledge and points of view. I just love British comedians over American ones (except for Craig Ferguson who is originally Scottish of course) because of not only the accent and straight talking, but more because of the intellect and serious underlying messages they have in their comedic acts. I really hope Russell comes to Singapore on his The Messiah Complex World Tour because I would totally go see him live!

I would go on, but this post is cluttered enough as it is. I hope you enjoyed reading and checking out the links. Hopefully I will feel inspired (or incensed) enough to write another one soon!


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