“Whatever will be, will be.”
In this world as of this age, does this hold true? The factors affecting the result of a chain of events are so far fetching and unpredictable that, whatever will be, becomes what you will it to be.
Yet, willing ain’t the same as wishing. In the past, people generally lived in societies that had suppressed freedom of thought & expression. Today, especially with the freedom movements & uprisings etc, suddenly it’s perfectly fine to be your own person. Suddenly individuality is celebrated. Suddenly it’s ok to be terrifically explicit in what you want for yourself.

Except, not everyone realises the power of this freedom until they hold it in their hands.

What wisdom it must take for one to know with certainty what’s best for oneself. What resolution it must take to stick with your own agenda; your bucket list, squashing all forms of procrastination & self doubt, to soldier on & go forth to realize your, should I say, dream.

Dreams. Such a unioxymoron. Epitome of a paradox contained in one word. Fleeting yet poignant; within sight yet so hard to grasp.

What do we do to finally make it real? What do we do to finally be able to look in the mirror and sigh with satisfaction (not like an opened champagne bottle) & tell ourselves yes, I’ve did it, I’ve nothing to regret about?

If only life was that scientific.

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