Latent Drive

I’ve signed up for something called Creativity, Innovation and Change on Coursera starting September 2013. Not sure if I am going to complete the course, but it is supposed to help me discover and nurture my inner Creative Person.

I do agree that everyone is capable of creativity but I want to know how much more creative I can be. At the moment, I do believe that my creativity lies in my words.

I love language and I regard this as the pinnacle of how I express myself.  Especially when I am excited about something but can’t express it through voice and action (mostly because I’m physically in my cubicle at the office and my office floor is extremely quiet most of the time).

I used to plan my blog entries while commuting between work and home. I made the mistake, many times, of not jotting down the exact awesome phrases that the creative part of my brain spews out into my consciousness, therefore a lot of time I end up rehashing the literary expression and somehow it doesn’t always end up ideal.

I spend so much time having conversations with myself that I managed to dream up an entire imaginary relationship once while commuting. I’m often afraid that syndrome has not gone away and I’m trapped in my own thoughts with no one knowing what’s going on. It’s easy to get lost in your own thoughts while commuting. Observing others watching Korean dramas on their tablets, checking Facebook like an addict or basically just indulging in whatever distraction they have to ease away the awkwardness of standing too close to strangers in a confined space inspires me sometimes to think of either ways to magically teleport myself to an open space or, worse, start singing at the top of my lungs.

This feeling of not being able to express exactly how you feel in the moment creates, for me, an inner energy that gets swallowed mentally into my brain. Social etiquette, civil mindedness in public spaces etc limits that kind of expression for someone who’s either not a busker or celebrity doing an on-location shoot.

I call this feeling Latent Drive. Like latent energy in physics just waiting to be let out, latent drive is the energy force in us that makes us want to just do it. And I want to learn how to harness my latent drive through discovery of creative expression.

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