Christmas ’13 / Birthday ‘ 14 wishlist

Disclaimer : this list is not a hint for people to buy me stuff. It’s something I plan to get for myself! Tell me if I’m crazy to not wanta get fancier stuff. Better still, if you got cooler stuff to recommend, please educate me.

Just so I can tick off this list which, for the record, is the most geeky to date, here are the lovely inventions I’m lusting after 🙂

1) Google Chromebook (affordable & constantly updates itself – light, portable, etc. Need I say more?)
2) iPad mini retina (non mutually-exclusive with item 1)
3) Pebble watch (cuz it’s cool)
4) Game of thrones season 2 onwards (I know, I’m so out-of-date on this)
5) new phone (maybe iPhone, maybe not. Never used one. Not sure if I can do without an Android)

That’s all! Short & greedy post, completed while commuting home from town. My plan for a mini digital detox has failed miserably.

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