It’s ok.

If you’ve lived your life doing no wrong to anyone; if you’ve always made decisions that are based on what you don’t want to regret not doing later, then it’s ok.

Maybe life doesn’t serve you the best recipe to do all you’ve wanted to do but you’ve made the best of your circumstances, and you have more than 20 things to be grateful for, then it’s ok.

Since life is finite and you know that maybe a seemingly bad decision at the time of its manifestation doesn’t seem like the most sensible idea but you’re glad you made it anyway and you’re still reading this now, then it’s ok.

The love of your life came and left you and since then life has been a numbing experience of trying to recapture the memories that you’ve had before and you know nothing else will ever come close, then it’s ok.

Your so-called career has been a series of stumbling through challenge after challenge and somehow when you tell people about it in retrospect and they seem impressed enough, then it’s ok.

If it’s ok that your life ends tomorrow because you’re satisfied with your state of being, then you’ve lived well and everything from now will be a bonus to the universe because you know every step you take is a force for good…

It’s ok to face the inevitable with this honesty. Don’t anticipate death. Let it come naturally and inevitably. It’s ok.


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