A little revelation this year.


Sometimes. Life throws you a “curve ball”, as the American baseball reference goes. It refers to a challenge; a difficult situation. Or it’s meant to be something of an epiphany, perhaps.

I was just diagnosed with the condition of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCO) which means I have will have irregular periods, be prone to weight gain, diabetes, cervical and ovarian cancer, high blood pressure and hypertension in my later years. Also, if I ever get pregnant, I will have risk of getting a miscarriage. While it’s nothing life threatening, this gives me a very good reason to take care of myself and prevent weight gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle, meaning I have to avoid too much fat and sugar in my diet.

I didn’t have much of a reaction to this when the gynecologist told me about it, especially the risk of miscarriage part. I could tell that she was watching my facial expression in case I was alarmed by that news. Well, I’ve always planned on not having kids so this wasn’t a big issue. But the weight gain, diabetes and hypertension part made me slightly worried, because I’m not a sporty person by any standard. And the condition is hereditary. Yes, my paternal grandmother has a slight case of diabetes, but it’s nothing serious considering how her lifestyle is a bit like mine – pleasure advocates, we are. 😉

However, this justifies my decision to have a standing desk at work, despite my colleagues’ teasing and all. Well, at least someone from Fast Company already made an encouraging case on having one. I think it’s time to keep to that short workout in the morning plus yoga and swimming regularly.

I’ve never had any real medical issue before, save for my lazy eye during childhood that led to myopia and finally a LASIK surgery in 2013 that changed my life, plus overcrowded teeth that meant I had to have braces during my teens. So far just standard, run of the mill stuff that can be solved quite easily.

I’m just glad that there’s a way for me to find out about it now than later. And why am I blogging about this? Cuz ‘frankly speaking’, I should let people know about it so they can also get diagnosed and prevent bad stuff from happening. I went to see the doctor because of my irregular period. So yea. Don’t take any chance, just go get checked and have a piece of mind. Prevention is better than cure, I don’t know where this quote came from but I definitely agree.

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