Bloody Hell.

I cannot bear to be silent about the ridiculous stupidity I see everyday in this shit-hole! At my school, at the national f*king library, and in the government and its controversy about the sky-high pay they’re offering up for their ministers (which I don’t even wanta go into, it’s clearly for publicity to show how […]


Just when I think a person’s intelligence is near zero, he manages to amaze me by finding that one millimetre of space to slither underneath. Never have I seen such pointless rules enforced by such impossibly thick living objects. Student is 3 mins late, student is forbidden from signing for attendance and attending class for […]


I’m disgusted. And feeling terribly sad. And fraught. Some unknown person in my neighbourhood in Johor Bahru threw glue on one of my family’s cats last night, just before I returned to Singapore. We couldn’t find Oupi (direct translation from Teochew, Black Nose) because he went into hiding after it happened… Oupi and Charlie (the […]