I believe in good food photography

Picture courtesy of bbc.co.uk/food Doesn’t this look absolutely yummylicious?? I love food, and I love food photography… My inadequate Sony Ericsson K610i’s 2MB camera has been worked hard to get the best possible shots of food that I’ve ordered for the past few months… But nothing beats supermacro lense when you wanta make food look delicious. I’ve learnt to love photography because of […]


I feel guilty. I didn’t study much today although I did go to the library closer to my home (to cut down travelling time cuz I had tuition today), and I ate fish & chips without asking them to replace the chips with vegetables! *horrors* I ended up polishing half of the fries they placed […]

Sakae Sucks!

Oooh I lurve this new theme.. it’s called “Misty Look”… It’s purrfect!!! Meow!! On the other hand… I just went to Sakae Sushi… Bad bad imitation of Japanese hospitality. They can’t even say welcome in Japanese properly, they don’t bow, they don’t face you when they say it, they’re disgrunted Singaporean youngsters earning extra pay after school. […]