Calling Bluff.

Cold weather inspires me. A couple of weeks ago, I walked out of the cinema a little past 12 midnight after watching The Hobbit (Desolution of Smaug) and into the post-rain Orchard Road with the chilly breeze making me shiver while I walked to the taxi stand. The awe I felt from the very epic […]

Just because I don’t have to work morning shift tomorrow.

I started this entry with a mundane description of what I did today, mainly lunch with my boyfriend’s family, news of an old friend being in town, work, news at work, my reaction to the baggage problem in Heathrow Terminal 5 in the ST, who, doubtlessly, made an effort to make it a great deal […]

I believe in good food photography

Picture courtesy of Doesn’t this look absolutely yummylicious?? I love food, and I love food photography… My inadequate Sony Ericsson K610i’s 2MB camera has been worked hard to get the best possible shots of food that I’ve ordered for the past few months… But nothing beats supermacro lense when you wanta make food look delicious. I’ve learnt to love photography because of […]

3 down, 2 more to go!

YES only Company Law & Society and the Environment left and I’ll be done with my degree… hopefully.. 🙂 Had homemade bacon and cheese pasta with a bottle of riesling for dinner with my beau yesterday… Yummy yum. No, I didn’t cook, someone can cook much better than me. My duty lies in polishing food off my […]