A little revelation this year.

Sometimes. Life throws you a “curve ball”, as the American baseball reference goes. It refers to a challenge; a difficult situation. Or it’s meant to be something of an epiphany, perhaps. I was just diagnosed with the condition of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCO) which means I have will have irregular periods, be prone to weight […]

Calling Bluff.

Cold weather inspires me. A couple of weeks ago, I walked out of the cinema a little past 12 midnight after watching The Hobbit (Desolution of Smaug) and into the post-rain Orchard Road with the chilly breeze making me shiver while I walked to the taxi stand. The awe I felt from the very epic […]

Christmas ’13 / Birthday ‘ 14 wishlist

Disclaimer : this list is not a hint for people to buy me stuff. It’s something I plan to get for myself! Tell me if I’m crazy to not wanta get fancier stuff. Better still, if you got cooler stuff to recommend, please educate me. Just so I can tick off this list which, for […]

Latent Drive

I’ve signed up for something called Creativity, Innovation and Change on Coursera starting September 2013. Not sure if I am going to complete the course, but it is supposed to help me discover and nurture my inner Creative Person. I do agree that everyone is capable of creativity but I want to know how much […]


Today, I stop hoping and waiting for things to happen to me. Today,  I start making things within my control happen as I plan, & filter what I cannot control so that things which should be out stay out and the doors may open for the good to enter.


“Whatever will be, will be.” In this world as of this age, does this hold true? The factors affecting the result of a chain of events are so far fetching and unpredictable that, whatever will be, becomes what you will it to be. Yet, willing ain’t the same as wishing. In the past, people generally […]