Calling Bluff.

Cold weather inspires me. A couple of weeks ago, I walked out of the cinema a little past 12 midnight after watching The Hobbit (Desolution of Smaug) and into the post-rain Orchard Road with the chilly breeze making me shiver while I walked to the taxi stand. The awe I felt from the very epic […]

Latent Drive

I’ve signed up for something called Creativity, Innovation and Change on Coursera starting September 2013. Not sure if I am going to complete the course, but it is supposed to help me discover and nurture my inner Creative Person. I do agree that everyone is capable of creativity but I want to know how much […]

Checking in.

To friends and readers who keep a lookout for my posts, sorry for my long absence. There are so many reasons contributing to it, from sloth to distractions (my new Crackberry for work is turning me into a German) to lethargy (resulting from but not exclusive of hangovers) – but I’ll be perfectly honest – it’s […]