Checking in.

To friends and readers who keep a lookout for my posts, sorry for my long absence. There are so many reasons contributing to it, from sloth to distractions (my new Crackberry for work is turning me into a German) to lethargy (resulting from but not exclusive of hangovers) – but I’ll be perfectly honest – it’s […]

Just because I don’t have to work morning shift tomorrow.

I started this entry with a mundane description of what I did today, mainly lunch with my boyfriend’s family, news of an old friend being in town, work, news at work, my reaction to the baggage problem in Heathrow Terminal 5 in the ST, who, doubtlessly, made an effort to make it a great deal […]


Sorry to have gone MIA for such in a long time… Working night shifts 6 days in a row ain’t fun… But good things have happened in a the past week… Macallan 25yrs are sold, letter of commendation received, makeup and etiquette classes attended… Had free food from the chefs cuz I think they were […]