I love being a girl.

Wala’s yesterday was standard fun. Standard EIC music (I wish they played more obscure band music though), standard Jack Ho smile *swoon*, standard crowd, standard favourite waitress (who got promoted to work at the till), standard drinks, and I got a bunch of Indian friends who were with me. That’s kewl. I love being a girl because guys […]

Rowan Atkinson!

Oh this is so hilarious. Was watching Black Adder clips and found this by a marvelous accident. Watch Atkinson as the Devil as he welcomes new spirits to hell. hehe. ROTFLOL. Guys you have to watch this.. Atkinson takes attendance in class. Atkinson preaches about the amazing things Jesus did. *giggles*


I want a daughter who can sing like that… She’s so kawaii!! Makes me wanta buy her lots of sweeties and pretty dresses and all… 😀 I used to sing Chinese New Year songs at my Dad’s colleagues’ and ask for ang pows. haha. Why oh why didnt they groom me in singing, I’d be […]