Book Review: Mortality by Christopher Hitchens

For those of you uninitiated people yet to be acquainted with Christopher Hitchens, I’d like to introduce you to my personal hero who inspired me to declare myself atheist publicly and who is the most erudite, relentless warrior against ignorance and injustice – speaking and writing in attacks against issues that I also care deeply […]


  A couple of years ago, I wrote a shining report card for Azabu Sabo, the Japanese restaurant that initially was known for its Hokkaido gelato, then had its first restaurant outlet at Marina Square. Today, I returned only to be totally flabbergasted and totally let down. Here’s a bullet-pointed list of what went wrong: […]

Shopaholic movie is twisted!

I caught Confessions of the Shopaholic movie over the weekend stay in KL, and on behalf of all fans of Sophie Kinsella’s best selling book series, I hafta say I’m feeling a little bit outraged at the way they jam-packed, twisted and vomitted the plot onto the big screen and sucking the essence of the […]